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We are available for any size
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We have plenty of information for wedding ceremonies
at popular places such as Asakura, Kyoto and other beautiful places.

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  • 神社jpバナー
  • プチウェディングバナー
  • 東京京都婚バナー
  • 浅草ウェディングバナー
  • 2次会ナビバナー


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  • Customer private information will be treated carefully following the privacy policy.
  • In the case we gain, keep, use and show the information, we promise not to harm the rights and interests of individuals.
  • It is unnecessary to show your private information to visit our website, and also the private information is not collected.
  • In addition, we attempt to protect the private information as much as we can. We use your information only for achieving the purposes below,
    ・To send some direct mails about our exhibitions.
  • We do not show customers private information except when we get permission from customers. However, there are some cases we will have to show the information to a third party as below.
    ・Law cases ・Case that are related to physical issues, lives and individual profit. ・When a national department or other departments which are confided in missions need information, and when its missions are affected by getting a permission from customers.
  • When a personal information policy has content or is linked with, the personal data protection policy it has prioritised.
  • We promise to follow the laws concerning customers’ personal data, and will keep improving the personal data policy.
  • To contribute to developing the food-service industry through high quality and well-trusted service, we have set a security policy which is about the proper protection of the data property and the way we use the data.
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